The CIRCLE has lived up to its aim to mentor. A common imagery used in the CIRCLE is that of creating a path where there was none for those behind to walk on and also that of offering one’s shoulders for others to stand on and scale even higher heights of excellence. CIRCLE matriarchs, specifically Dr. Nyambura Njoroge and Prof. Esther Mombo in the Kenyan CIRCLE, have lived up to this by investing in mentoring and raising younger women. They literaaly worked tirelessly to create a path. In the initial stages, there was barely any space for women both in the church and in theological institutions. But through their efforts a path was made. An example of this is the push to de-link studying theology from ordination. For a long time since her inception, St. Paul’s University, trained theologians strictly for ordination and this limited the space with regard to who could be enrolled to study theology. But the vigorous endeavour of the CIRCLE led by Prof. Mombo resulted in a decision to de-link theology from ordination. Consequently, women and men were and continue to be enrolled to study theology without necessarily studying for ordination.

Currently the CIRCLE prides in having three generations of women and she continues to raise more. The CIRCLE matriarchs have and continue to mentor by mobilizing funds to support women and men to study theology, by encouraging women to study, research and write theology, by partnering with churches to offer trainings and workshops that address barriers which were traditionally used to exclude women from leadership in the church, and by offering support through the ministry of listening and journeying with members through different realities of life that affect them.

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